Monday, May 3, 2010

rank the projects

The one as I have already mentioned was the long take, loved filming with the bolex. I wish we had done something a little different with it. But when it is a group project, what you gonna do... I now as you know am on a bolex quest, Already acquired the 8mm searching for a good 16. I love the texture of the film.

Next in line the Mystery workshop, I liked learning the 3-d at least the old school or red blue way. My last post was about this so I will move on

The Camera less I also enjoyed, I like see the different ways to manipulate film stock. I would like to incorporate filming on the bolex and some of these techniques. EXPERIMENTING WITH THE LASER WAS COOL TO, BUT IT IS QUITE TIME CONSUMING, sorry about the caps not yelling just doing ten things at once as usual. The laser kind of defeats the non tech aspect that I Like. (and sorry for the multiple updates, I keep getting interrupted)

The multiplane animation would have to be next, although I would have like to have more time to set up and design more elaborate "sets" ..hind sight, and then there is that group aspect again, and time restrictions as usual, just life....

Mystery prop was ok, I had hoped it would look more animated that it did but i was trying the hold the thing underwater. I really like how filming trough the bulb looked though, it gave me and idea for how to shoot something.

Lastly the F0und footage -at the bottom, one reason I have done it before another I typically do not like the result, they usually look just like u-tube shit, making fun of an actor or making a political statement. When I try to do something different with it nobody gets it and think I am dark or angry, I am neither my art just looks that way sometimes. I have a very dark since of humor...

Anyway enjoyed the class, I wish I had more time this semester to give it my full attention, but same old song and dance, working 9-5, school, life, I am always running out of time and driving myself crazy :)


Monday, April 19, 2010

6x1 part 2

I suppose you could expand upon the 1 min film idea in a few different ways. You could incorporate the intermedia ideas, like still photos, flash etc... I enjoyed using the older filming techniques like the Bolex. With all the technology overload, I find the older cameras and using film instead of video quite refreshing. It has a different texture and feel. If we had and optical printer maybe you could do something with that. You could vary the length and call it two squared and do 3-two min films. You could also do a longer project incorporating the different techniques learned.

Mystery workshop

The star wars segment, I do not know did not feel like I had much time for this one. Updated response to workshop, I really enjoyed the 3-d shooting, i would like to try this on my own. I think I remember the steps but when I attempt it, I might need a reminder on the steps, right eye /left eye. 50% opacity, alpha channel left eye, I think. I really like the hands on expreimental aspect of this class. Although I have no intention to do this sort of filming, I believe in gives you knowledge and a wider range of tools to uses, even doing conventional film.

Rough Theater

My rough theater is taking the unexpected and unknown and making something with it.

Yes Man

I thought this was a great film, as it relates to the video race, I suppose taking whatever senario is presented to you and running with it. By acting like representatives from the WTO and subvering their own doctrine in contridication to the guise of who they were representing it is amazing of what you can get away with.

molotov man & ecstacy of influence

Molotov Man

saturday shoot

I thoroughly enjoyed the long shot assignment, Ever since then i have been obsessed with finding a Bolex camera. I like the way the film looks and enjoy the lack of technology with the camera. I have been watching ebay for bolex cameras that are in good condition and I can afford. I am interested in trying to do the entire process, filming, developing and the transferring to digital. having total control over the process.